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Great Article about getting kids outdoors by Dan Hall

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

One of our followers, Dan Hall wrote this article and did some amazing research about the benefits of getting kids outdoors. TCYSS is all about getting kids active outdoors! Please enjoy!

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Nature-Deficit Disorder in Kids and What Adults Can Do About It

If you’re an adult reading this, then you probably already know that nature is kind of amazing. Sadly, though, a good chunk of the younger generation doesn’t know this. As technology firmly sinks its claws into kids and teens, nature -- with all its beauty and health benefits -- becomes all but invisible to them. This results in a condition called nature-deficit disorder, which pertains to the negative effects of such a disconnect -- not just in physical health, but in mental and emotional development, too. It’s up to adults to bridge the gap between kids and nature these days, so here are nifty resources from The Davie County 4-H Shooting Sports Club to help.

The Science

Homework isn’t just for kids! Knowing the implications of nature-deficit disorder and how Mother Nature can reverse its effects will do wonders for your kids’ overall health.

The Home

From teaching your kids how to garden to prepping your yard for a swing set, harnessing the healing powers of Mother Nature can start at home with fun backyard activities that also promote learning.

The Great Outdoors

Ready to venture beyond your own backyard? Well, there are loads of fun, outdoor activities like camping and mountain biking to keep the family active while harnessing the many benefits of being out in nature.

Ultimately, your goal is just to get kids outside with fun and engaging activities. Nature will do the rest. Then, before you know it, it’ll be a challenge to keep your kids inside -- and isn’t that a better “problem” to have?

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