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Updated: Mar 2, 2018

A Great Way to Hone Your Skills and Help a Great Cause and Support Your Community at the Same Time...Can't Beat That!!!

As the Coach of the NC 4-H Hunting Skills National Team and as a 4-H Club Leader I encourage my team and Members who are interested in competing to shoot tournaments that relate to Hunting Skills any chance they get. In our case that could be Shotgun. (Skeet, Sporting Clays, 5-Stand or Trap), Smallbore Rifle like CMP, NCWRC, NRA etc Sanctioned Events, Archery such as 3-D, Field or FITA. There are plenty of these shoots to be found, usually hosted by a store or a local club. Several of our kids are members of ATA, NSCA, NSSA and more and those shoots are common at many venues too. There is a growing category of shoots designed to benefit great causes. My family created one of these a few years ago, The Tom Cowden Memorial Scholarship Sporting Clays Tournament. We had no Idea how it would go, but it went great. We've held it twice now and have made some money for the scholarship as well as had some great fellowship with family, friends and made a lot of new friends in the process. For our kids that have never participated in a Tournament, it is a great experience, partly because it is typically a "low pressure" environment. The competition is friendly and supportive and you are shooting for a good cause. Just such an event is taking place in Salisbury NC on March 9 and 10 2018. This event is a Skeet Tournament in memory of two Salisbury firefighters that gave their lives in the line of duty. the proceeds go to support the NC Firefighters and a Scholarship Fund. Great Cause, Great Fellowship, Food is included (can't beat that!) and Shooters can gain some experience at the same time. A WIN WIN for Everyone. Here is the link to this shoot:

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