Wall of Champions

Individuals and Teams with Members of the Davie County 4-H Shooting Sports Club or other TCYSS Supported Teams who have earned these Distinctions

National Champions


Stephen Walker-4-H Smallbore Pistol HOA (OVERALL CHAMPION)-2018

Caleb Mathis-4-H Hunting Skills Day 3 (Skills and Decision Making)-2019


NC 4-H Hunting Skills- Day 3 (Skills and Decision Making)-2019 (DC 4-H Member Caleb Mathis)

State Champions


Zoe Staley-NC 4-H Junior Shotgun-2014

Zoe Staley-NC 4-H Senior Shotgun-2016

Righteous Cline-NC 4-H Junior Muzzleloader-2017

Stephen Walker NC 4-H Compound Match Archery-2017

Stephen Walker-NC 4-H Hunting Skills Overall-2018

Stephen Walker-NC 4-H Senior Air Pistol-2018

Naomi Hellard-NC WRC Hunter Education-Junior Shotgun 2018

Zoe Staley-NC SCTP Championship- Female HOA Sporting Clays-2018

Stephen Walker-NC 4-H  Hunting Skills Overall-2019

Stephen Walker -NC 4-H Smallbore Pistol-2019

Stephen Walker- NC 4-H Muzzleloader-2019

Rebekah Walker-NC 4-H Air Pistol-2019

Stephen Timbinaris-NC SCTP-Senior JV American Trap--2020

Naomi Hellard-NC 4-H Hunting Skills-Overall 2021


Davie 4-H Blaze Junior-NC 4-H-Compound Archery-2018 (Members-Jacob Durham, Naomi Hellard, Dallie Lakey, Samantha Taylor)

Davie 4-H Blaze Senior-NC 4-H-Match  Compound Archery-2018 (Members-Mattie Clark, Caleb Mathis, Stephen Walker)

Davie 4-H Blaze Senior-NC 4-H-Open Class Smallbore Rifle-2018 (Members-Mattie Clark, Mason Hollar, Caleb Mathis, Stephen Walker)

TCYSS NC SCTP Jr Varsity -NC Sporting Clays Champions-2018 (Members-Seth Fox, Jonathan Rogers, Zoe Staley (DC4-H)

Davie 4-H Hunting Skills Team- NC 4-H Hunting Skills Tournament-2019 Members-(Caleb Mathis, Naomi Hellard, Stephen Walker)

Davie 4-H Blaze Senior-NC 4-H-T-Class Smallbore Rifle-2019 (Members-Mattie Clark, Caleb Mathis, Stephen Walker)

Davie 4-H Blaze Senior-NC 4-H Muzzleloader-2019 (Members-Mattie Clark, Caleb Mathis, Stephen Walker)ior 

TCYSS Senior Varisty-NC SCTP American Trap-2020 (Members-Dallie Lakey, Naomi Hellard, Taylor Horner, Jacob Durham, Luke Barker

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