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Senior Blaze Team and Individuals have Excellent Showing in  2019 State 4-H Tournament

Our most experienced Senior Team, the Davie Senior Blaze Team had a strong showing winning 2 Team Golds, a Silver and 2 Bronze Medals and finishing 4th in the other two events they participated in on Saturday, September 21. The Senior Blaze Team included Caleb Mathis, Mattie Clark and Stephen Walker. All three are veteran participants both at the State and National Level and this was Stephen's and Mattie's last 4-H State Tournament as they are now officially "aged out". Caleb returns for 2 more Seasons. The Senior Blaze Team won the Telescopic Sight-Smallbore Rifle Competition and the Muzzleloader Competition, finished second in Open Sight-Smallbore Rifle, and placed Third in Smallbore Pistol and Match Compound Archery. They were also a close 4th in Hunter/Sporter Compound Archery missing out on 3rd by 1X and Caleb's Shotgun Team finished a close 4th. 

In addition to the Team Awards, Stephen Walker had two HOA Golds in Smallbore Pistol and Muzzleloader, and a 3rd in Air Pistol. Caleb finished just behind Stephen by 1 point in Muzzleloader with a Silver. Stephen's younger Sister and up and coming Competitor, Rebekah Walker, won the HOA for Air Pistol and also finished with a 2nd for Muzzleloader in a tie with Caleb. Stephen Timinaris finished 3rd Overall in Shotgun after losing a Shootoff to break a 2nd place tie. Many other seniors finished in the Top 10.

Our Junior Team had only 5 Competitors this year and 3 were in their first State Tournament ever. Timothy Walker was the only Junior to Medal this year with a Bronze in Junior Air Pistol. However several shot their Personal Bests beating their Regional Scores.

Senior Blaze: Caleb, Mattie and Stephen

Rebekah Walker

Stephen Timbinaris

Timothy Walker

The 2019 DAvie County 4-H Shooting Sports Club Competition Team: LR-Isaiah Mitchell, Chandler Carter (Kneeling), Stephen Walker, Elijah Parker (Kneeling), Righteous Cline, Mattie Clark, Naomi Hellard, Rebekah Cline, Brantlee Evans(Front), Dallie Lakey, Samantha Taylor, Connor Mathis, Miracle Cline, Riley Barnes(Front), Timothy Walker, Caleb Mathis, Jacob Durham, Stephen Timinaris.
4-H Leaders take Courses to Improve Their Skills as Coaches

While the bulk of the 4-H Competitive season ended in September for 2019, several of our Adult Leaders have taken Courses to improve their abilities to coach our our 4-H and SCTP kids. Adult Volunteer Leader, Maurice Walker attended his second 4-H Level 2 Training in Georgia to get certified to Instruct and create new Muzzleloader Instructors for NC 4-H. He was already Level 2 certified for Pistol and is the Pistol Coach for the NC 4-H Pistol Team. Jimmy Staley, Barron Church and Nelson Cowden took a week long Sporting Shotgun Coaching Course with Paragon School of Sporting at our Home Range and are now Professional Associate Sporting Shotgun Coaches. Both courses were very intense and done purely voluntarily and at their own expense. Jimmy is the current NC 4-H Shotgun Coach and Nelson is the NC 4-H Hunting Skills Coach. Barron, Nelson and Jimmy are also involved with the SCTP Shotgun Team composed of Davie Co 4-H kids and other 4-H kids from around the state. "We are looking at ways to help our kids learn. We want to give our kids the best possible instruction we can give them" said Jimmy Staley. "I have been shooting a shotgun since I was 8 years old, and I can teach a kid how to be safe and to shoot a shotgun, but now with the tools that I have gotten through Dan Schindler and Paragon, I can effectively teach kids to shoot well sooner and shoot more effectively than before...I now have a 'Toolbox' that I can draw from  to help our kids not only shoot better, but understand what they need to to to correct problems when they struggle", stated Nelson Cowden. 

In addition to the Adults, many of our kids participated as "Guinea Pigs" for our Candidate Instructors. They had the opportunity to get some "World Class" Instruction via Mr Schindler and his Co-Examiner, Mike Fine through our Coaches under their watchful eyes. We had participants from our Club including Timothy Walker, Stephen Timbinaris, Dallie Lakey and Samuel Hendrick as well as some other kids from area 4-H Clubs and some parents who volunteered as pupils. as well. 

Paragon Examiners and New Graduates: L-R Gary Sopnicar (Traveled from Ohio for his SCTP Team), Examiner Mike Fine, Barron Church, Jimmy Staley, Nelson Cowden and Paragon Founder and Chief Examiner Daniel Schindler

2018 4-H State Tournament is Showcase for DC 4-H Teams!!

Great day at the 2018 NC 4-H State Shooting Sports Tournament!!! We had 3 Team Champions!!! A first for our club! We have had quite a few Individual Champions over the past 5 years, but a Team Championship has eluded us. Lots of 2nd and 3rds and lots of Regional Team Champions...But never a State Champion Team...well we took care of that yesterday! Our Junior “Blaze” Compound Archery Team of Samantha Taylor, Naomi Hellard, Jacob Durham and Dallie Lakey finished first by a mere 0.75 points over the Ashe County Team to take First!!! Our Senior “Blaze” Compound Match Archery Team with Stephen Walker, Caleb Mathis and Maddie Clark finished 1st and they earned 2nd in Compound Sporter Archery ...the Same three in addition to Mason Hollar also were Champions in O-Class (Open Sight) Smallbore Rifle. 
Junior Blaze also had a Silver and a Bronze in the two Rifle Competitions and the Senior Blaze Team finished Second in Muzzleloader, missing first by 0.35 of a point. We also had several Individual awards too...will Post when I get a chance to sort it all out! A Wonderful day. Great Job to our Parents for keeping everyone fed, hydrated and generally happy.

Junior Blaze Compound Archery Team-L-R Samantha Taylor, Jacob Durham, Naomi Hellard, Dallie Lakey

Senior Blaze Team L-R: Stephen Walker, Mason Hollar, Caleb Mathis, Maddie Clark


Stephen Walker is the 2018 National 4-H Shooting Sports Smallbore Pistol National Champion!!!. Stephen placed 8th on Day One of the Competition and in Multiple ties for 2nd Place on Days 2 and 3. He was bumped to 5th on day 2 and 4th on day 3, but had the consistency and score to put him Over the Top for the Highest Honor of all and Won HOA for Smallbore Pistol in Grand Island, Nebraska on June 30th, 2018.!!! We couldn't be prouder of Stephen! This young Man has worked hard at all aspects of his Shooting Sports. He has been a 4-H  State Champion in Archery and Air Pistol and a Regional 4-H Champion in several Disciplines...he has even been a regional Archery Champion for the District 7 Wildlife Tournament. Now he has accomplished the Highest Honor in 4-H Shooting Sports!

The NC Smallbore Pistol Team Finished 4th Overall in the Competition.

On the Right...NCWRC Junior Shotgun Champion Naomi Hellard.

The 2018 TCYSS NC SCTP Senior JV Champions

Top Female SCTP Shooter Zoe Staley on Right

NC 4-H Shotgun Team Members, Seth Fox, Jonathan Rogers, Coach Jimmy Staley, Zack Reaves and Zoe Staley

4-H:"To make the best better."

All Davie Wildlife Teams Qualify for 2018 NC Wildlife Tournament !!!

Congratulations to all of the Davie County Wildlife Hunter Education Teams Middle and High School and Stephen Walker for Qualifying for the NC State Wildlife Tournament on April 28th 2018 at The John M Lentz Wildlife Education Center in Ellerbe, NC. That includes Davie County High School, North Davie Middle School, Ellis Middle School and South Davie Middle School. Stephen shoots for the Foothills Homeschool Association. Best of Skill to all from TCYSS and Davie County 4-H Shooting Sports!!

Congratulations to our 4-H members that competed in the District 7 Wildlife Hunter Education Tournament.on Saturday, March 17th. While not competing for 4-H, these fine young people were representing their High Schools and Middle Schools or Home School Groups. There were were than 1200 participants in this event on Saturday.  Stephen Walker won First place in Senior Archery, Caleb Mathis Finished Second in Junior Shotgun after an 11 Person Shootoff to determine First place... his Ellis Middle School Team also Finished 3rd for Junior Hunting Skills along with 4-H Members Carter Bracken and Jacob Durham. The North Davie Middle School Team with Naomi Hellard finished 3rd Overall for Juniors and 3rd in Junior Rifle. Very Proud of our 4-H Kids and all of the kids and parents who put in so much time with Hunter Education Teams!


The Davie County 4-H Shooting Sports Club meets the Second Saturday February thru December at 10:00am and the 2nd Monday and 4th Tuesday April thru September at 6:30pm. Our next meeting is April 9 at 6:30pm. Hope to see you then!

TCYSS is Proud to announce that we received a Grant of $458.00 from our Endowment with MidwayUSA Foundation. We have aligned with MidwayUSA Foundation and the Potterfield Family, owners of MIDWAYUSA. This fund helps support us and other Youth Shooting Sports Teams and Organizations across the United States including 4-H Shooting Sports and SCTP that we support.


TCYSS is Proud to announce that we received a Friends of NRA Range Grant that includes over $3,500.00 Worth of Equipment including 2 Atlas AT250 Traps and 2 3-D Deer Targets.



Davie County 4-H Shooting Sports Club President, Stephen Walker is the 2018 NC 4-H Hunting Skills Tournament HOA and Champion. Stephen Posted a score of 451/600, 52 points higher than 2nd Place. Iredell County was the Top Senior Team and Camden County had the Top Junior Team. This was the second annual Tournament and was held at Millstone 4-H Center and the Adjacent John M Lentz Hunter Education Center in Ellerbe NC on January 11th.

We want to welcome the RJ Reynolds High School Hunter Education Team from Winston-Salem to the TCYSS Range. Their Coach and Sponsor, Eugene Joubert contacted us back in the summer about the possibility of them meeting and practicing at our Range. We are most happy to accommodate them as it is our Mission to assist any Youth Organization formed on the basis of Positive Youth Development to have access to our facility and services. They will practice most Saturdays from January until their District Tournament in March and hopefully qualify to participate in the NC WRC Tournament in April. We certainly wish them the best!

The Davie County 4-H Shooting Sports Club has been generously awarded a Club Grant from the Friends of NRA for 2018 that includes 20 cases of 20 gauge Shotgun Shells, 30 cases of 12 gauge shotgun shells and 10,000 rounds of 22 lr ammunition.The value of this grant is approximately $2600.00!!! As Our club grows, Ammunition becomes our greatest necessity and this will help to keep us going through most of the year. We have been blessed with Grants from the Friends of NRA since 2013 and deeply value their Contributions!!



The 2nd Tom Cowden Memorial Scholarship Sporting Clays Tournament and Chicken Stew. November 4th at Hunting Creek Preserves in Harmony NC, was quite a success! We had 37 Participants in the Tournament and many more who came for the Fellowship and Food! Great Chicken Stew by David Nelson and Sons, with lot's of goodies brought in by family and friends!!! Between the Tournament and the Chicken Stew and Donations online and through the mail, we raise a little over $2000.00.  The Winning Adult Team was the Durhams lead by Scott Durham and  including a Youth Shooter and 4-H Club Member, Jacob Durham...Jacob was also the 2nd HOA finisher that Saturday) was comprised of our Davie County 4-H Kids, Emily Hellard and Samantha Taylor along with Henry Hardin and Evan Harris from other area 4-H Clubs. Mattie Clark served as Chauffer and Cheerleader! Special Thanks to the Teams from Honda Jet of Greensboro for coming out to Participate! 




The Tom Cowden Memorial Davie County 4-H Shooting Sports Club had it's best ever NC State 4-H Shooting Sports Tournament  on September 23, 2017..with 2 New State Champions, Stephen Walker in Senior Match Compound Archery HOA and Righteous Clinein Junior Muzzleloder HOA. Stephen was also 1st as an Individual in Air Pistol. Caleb Mathisfinished 2nd in Smallbore Match Rifle and we had Team Bronzes in both Match Rifle and Muzzleloader with our Junior "Blaze" 

Team consisting of Caleb as well as Samantha Taylor, Jacob Durham and Naomi Hellard.


In addition to his 1st HOA in Compound Match Archey and 1st Individual in Air Pistol, Stephen Walker also finished 3rd HOA and 2nd as an Individual in Sporter Compound Archery with a 199/200 and 9Xs...That is some stiff competition..HOA had a 200/200 with 6Xs...!!! Our Senior "Blaze" Team consisting of Stephen, Darcy Ren, Zoe Staley and Mattie Clark finished 2nd in Compound Match Archery and 3rd in Muzzleloader with the addition of Mason Hollar. 


The Tom Cowden Memorial Davie County 4-H Shooting Sports Club has now produced 3 State Champions over the past 4 years including 3 time Shotgun State Champion Zoe Staley, '14 and 16' and 2017 Hunter Skills 5-Stand and now our two new Gold Medalists!!! However, the thing I think we are most proud of however is the fact that we Qualified 22 kids to compete in the State Tournament!

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